Richard Unsworth’s parents

6 08 2014

Wow! Can’t believe its almost a year since I last posted an update!

I’ve really struggled with the Unsworth side of the family but I had a mini breakthrough this week when I followed a link that posted on Facebook to their updated Lancashire parish records. I thought I’d have a quick search over lunch and was surprised to come across what I’m fairly certain is the record of my gggg-grandfather’s Christening in February 1793! Richard Unsworth born in Golborne, Lancashire to John and Ann Unsworth. So, now I know the names of my 5th great grandparents 🙂


Durham Records Online site redesigned

20 08 2013

This is a site that I’ve found really useful in the past, I’m yet to check it out the changes for myself but it’s great to hear that its had a redesign

Grow Your Own Family Tree

The pay-per-view family history website Durham Records Online has been completely re-designed.

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Steve Robinson’s genealogical crime mysteries

20 08 2013

I’ve just finished reading ‘In the Blood’ by Steve Robinson on my Kindle. It’s about an American genealogist, Jefferson Tayte, who travels to England for research and gets embroiled in a present day mystery. I really enjoyed it so thought I’d check out the other books Robinson has written in the ‘Jefferson Tayte’ series and discovered they are currently on offer for a limited period in the Kindle store. You can get all three for just 79p each! Bargain!

If you enjoy crime mysteries and are a family history buff then I think you’ll enjoy how the author weaves the researching and the history into the present day events. I found the first book difficult to put down; I started the second book yesterday evening and already want to know where the story is going to lead! I’m not a huge fan of crime novels normally but the addition of the genealogy theme really interested me and it definitely adds another dimension to the story. So, if you enjoy reading and researching your family history then I can definitely recommend these books.

You can find out more about the author and his books at

Mary Ann Gordon

22 04 2013

Mary Ann, my maternal grandmother, was born 90 years ago today in Pelton Fell, County Durham. She died in 2010 just a couple of months before her and my grandad Raymond Bell’s 65th wedding anniversary.
She was the second eldest child in a large family, her elder brother, Robert, died in action during WW2. He served with the Durham Light Infantry and his grave is in El Alamein cemetery.

A long but useful day

23 02 2013

View from the gallery at WDYTYA? Live

As I travel back up the country, I can reflect on what has been a long but interesting and relatively useful visit to Who Do You Think You Are? Live. I think it’s certainly worth a visit but I’m not sure I’ll be a return visitor, unlike many of the people there who are seasoned WDYTYA Live veterans.

The workshops I attended have certainly given me some food for thought, especially the last one I went to, which was about taking the step from amateur to pro genealogist. The Ask the Experts session was useful, despite me having to show the expert how to use the ancestry website!

I missed out on having an expert look at my photos and speaking to someone on the Forces War Records stall – the queues were just too long each time I went to check in between workshops. I have come away with some new resources, a good deal on issues of WDYTYA magazine and some ideas for new research methods so, overall, it was a productive day. Hopefully, I’ll be sharing new discoveries very soon!

Day trip

23 02 2013

I’m on my way to Who Do You Think You Are Live at The Olympia in London! Despite the early start, I’m eager to get the most out of my day there but at the same time I’m trying not to expect too much from it because I don’t want to be disappointed if I come away this evening having learned little new. Even to have the chance to spend the day with others who share my passion for family history research will be a nice change from the purely virtual contact I’ve had with various people on my journey back through the generations.
Hopefully, I’ll have at least a couple of discoveries to report on my way home!

Calling all Unsworths!

5 02 2013

My maiden name is Unsworth but other than my immediate family I don’t know any other related Unsworths. My dad was an only child, as was his dad. My great grandad just had one sister and although my great great grandad does appear to have had a brother called William I think he may have died as a child so I’ve got to go back to another generation before I can start attempting to trace forward any other Unsworth lines!

So, if anyone happens to come across this post and is an Unsworth or has Unsworth ancestors who were born/lived in Wigan, Lancashire, England (particularly offspring of Richard Unsworth [c1795] and Mary Catterall) I’d love to hear from you!